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News - Lichtgitter für Industrietore

Veröffentlicht am 24.06.2020


The ACTIVE-DF36 barrier, in its optimal functioning, is mounted out of parallax (e.g. TX inside and RX outside), with the activation of the self-exclusion of the beams, this allows the beams to be excluded as it rises and goes down the curtain in its path of opening and closing. The ACTIVE-DF36 light curtains are therefore automatically and sequentially closed, compliant with the EN 12978 standard and TUV certified to be an electronic device compliant with the EN 12453 standard, which allows it to be an autonomous safety device on a motorized door or gate. The complete system consists of a TX transmitter barrier and an RX receiver barrier, which are positioned opposite each other, generating a grid of parallel scan infrared rays. The function of self-exclusion or dynamic sequential suppression allows the barriers to be positioned in the guides of an industrial door, in which the sheet / curtain moves directly in front of the protection area, interrupting the beams in sequence from top to bottom, this guarantees that the system distinguishes between the closing door and an object or person ignoring the beams that are obstructed by the moving door while leaving under the remaining active beam to detect an object in the protection area. The integrated LED indicators mounted in the internal profile are power indicators and system signals to monitor the functioning of the barrier itself.

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